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So I talked to my peers and my boss and apparently I’m too easy on my students. Boss said I grade too easy lol. Boss also said that I should have given certain students zeros rather than giving them partial credit.

I guess I have to be tougher on them or something.

no i dont think that sounds right. obviously dont know the whole situation but students do better when there is hope of success. zeroes all the time will only discourage them and think they are not worth much.

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From what you said, I have to agree with your boss. Yeah it’s good to give them hope, but some students don’t really care and imagine that they can think “meh I don’t need to worry, even if I make mistakes teaxher will give me points”. Remember that if you’re gonna tell them consequences you need to follow with it. If you say that if they do something wrong they will get a zero, then give them a zero or else you loose authority. And it’s kinda unfair to the ones that do make efforts to follow the directions. It’s hard when you work yourself to do everything right and then see others that didn’t work at all to get rewarded for their mistakes. Of course you don’t need to be too harsh, afterall everyone makes mistakes, but mistakes are what helps us to grow so don’t feel bad for giving any student a zero grade. That’s just my opinion though ;)
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Don’t be surprised when they bring a gun to school

that’s not even complicated you literally add 26 and 19 then simplify 2025 over 45 to be 45/1 then multiply 24 and 45 making it 1080 then add 1080 and 47 and unlock the iPad with the passcode 1-1-2-7 god bless

looks like we found ourselves a nerd

looks like we found someone capable of basic math

how is that basic math

this is basic math




To the anons, I just want to say there should be lots of kissing.

third part of the thigh highs au




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Anonymous wondered—

why would you even reblog that???? levi is definately cute and moe! it isnt as wrong as feminising eren!!!



I… I seriously can’t tell if you’re trolling with me or not. Levi is not a “moe” character. He is not a character that blushes easily. The anime is not the canon universe, and I hate that the animation team made him a stick to ‘appeal’ to the fandom. If he were really stick skinny, do you think he would weigh more than Eren at his height of 5’3” while Eren is 5’7”?

Furthermore, he is not a cutesy little clumsy thing that is innocent and all things not Levi. Look at the court scene. The look in his eyes are the eyes of someone who has seen more than you can imagine. He lived in the underground. The underground, which has thugs, and rapists, and drug dealers, as well as other things. And Levi was one of those thugs.

Levi’s characterization from Isayama is that he is an awkward character that doesn’t know how to express himself. You can tell from the Manga chapter that, frankly, hasn’t been animated yet, therefore I don’t know if you saw it. Hanji has to translate for him. If you didn’t see that, here’s a picture.


You can see the “…”

Levi literally has a face saying “Are you shitting me?”

Is that the face of a “moe” or “cutesy” character?

If your answer is still yes, then let me elaborate more on why it’s wrong to do that.

Isayama gives his characters personalitys, like all other characters. Levi is assumed to be in his thirties, which, in itself, is already inappropriate. Like Palina has already stated, it is more likely that people will feminize a fifteen year old boy with MASSIVE eyes, who actually smiles a lot and, most of all, wears his heart on his sleeve. It is less likely for people to feminize a thirty year old man who canonly only gets 2-3 hours of sleep and IN CANON, has rippled muscles.

Now, another point Palina put up, which, frankly, I believe in it as if it is my religion, you are literally worshiping a character who isn’t Levi. It’s just some uke chartacter with an undercut, Levi’s eyes, and the Survey Corps jacket on himself.

I don’t quite know who you are trying to characterize Levi as right now, but it is certainly not Levi you are worshiping.

It is degrading to Levi’s character and, to bluntly put it, degrading to the amount of effort Isayama has put into building Levi into the character he is today. Awkward, neutral-faced Levi who has a mouth full of dirt, not shy, cutesy, moe Levi who isn’t Levi at all.

I hope I got this through to you, because this is not Levi’s character, and it is disgraceful for you to claim that is it. You can fancanon Levi as however you want, but once you claim Levi actually is how you perceive him, and not how he actually is, that’s when we have problems. 

I literally can’t tell if the anon is trolling or not. Trolling or some srs lvls of delusion.

I don’t regret things like bringing you here by force. Even if I hate doing it, it doesn’t matter. If you want to blame me, blame away. Even if you do that, I will, for you….

Levi in Attack on Prince

                                                                           Translation by rivanyan.



no but seriously: winter uniforms.



Marco is my son



are dogs even real?




someone who doesn’t watch tokyo ghoul tell me what you think this is about

The purple man comes from a race of gay aliens and every 20 years they chose a mate to take back to their home planet and he chose this kid bcuz he’s already come in contact with the aliens when they took his eye for testing years before, he woos the boy by mocking the fact he can only see with one eye hence “I’m here to see you” this is a custom. The boy is unsuspecting.



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